Sean Evans and Sasha Banks Try the Paqui One Chip Challenge

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks didn’t hesitate to call out hot-sauce makers to bring more heat when she appeared on Hot Ones in Season 5. But how will she and Sean Evans cope with Paqui’s 2021 One Chip Challenge®? The rules of this competition are simple: Take a bite of a blazing Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper-laced tortilla chip and see just how long you can last before reaching for that glass of milk or water. Watch the WWE champion turn into a “fire-breathing dragon,” and see how long it takes for Sean to beg for mercy.

Hasan Minhaj Has an Out-of-Body Experience Eating Spicy Wings

The Daily Show correspondent, stand-up comedian, and star of the one-man show Homecoming King faces off against Sean Evans for the closest thing Hot Ones will ever have to an Election Special. His suggestion for the next place to bring the show? Guantanamo Bay. The pain is that real.