Dead Putting Society

Bart and Todd Flanders decide to enter a miniature golf tournament. Homer becomes confident that Bart will win and makes a bet with Ned that the father of the boy that does not win will have to mow their neighbors lawn in their wife's Sunday dress.

Dancin' Homer

Homer fires up the crowd at a Springfield Isotopes baseball game and is chosen to be the team's new mascot. He immediately becomes a popular attraction and the Isotopes start a winning streak. As a result, Homer is promoted to a team in Capital City, the Capital City Capitals.

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

Bart catches a three-eyed fish in a river downstream of the Nuclear Power Plant. This causes the plant to become inspected, and in order to prevent it from being shut down, Mr. Burns decides to run for governor. After a hard campaign which sees Burns rise from being universally despised to running neck and neck with popular incumbent Mary Bailey, it is decided that Burns will have dinner with a random employee the night before the election. Homer is chosen, much to Marge's chagrin.

Treehouse of Horror

The Simpson kids hide in the family treehouse and tell each other spooky stories. The first regards haunted houses, the second introduces Kang and Kodos for the first time in an alien abduction, and the third is a Simpson-adapted retelling of The Raven.

The Beacon

Looking back on their time as teenagers, Zero and the Armadillo try to untangle why Cesare became the way he is now and attempt to reason with him.

Like a Beached Whale

Zero remembers first meeting Cesare at an arcade in the 80s. Later, he dines at Cesare's house at his mother's invitation and tears down more posters.

What Belongs to Caesar

At the police station, Zero mulls over threatening posters in his neighborhood, stresses over an upcoming TV interview and runs into an old friend.

The Flying Machine

A popular band splits up, throwing their lives—and their fans' lives—into chaos. Elsewhere, an air comfort supervisor's new role creates turbulence.