Fire From Behind

Rules are meant to be broken, right? Wrong. On this house breaking the rules get's you a card.

Double Or Nothing

And we're off to a rough start! Cards are quickly earned on this season.

No Second Chances

The comedians inside the house as well as the time left to play the game are coming to an end. A whirlwind of emotions, tears, sweat and poop have led us to this moment: The Winner of LOL Mexico 3.

An Unexpected New Rule

Niurka meets Stephen Hawking and an unexpected new rule is introduced, leaving the comedians in shock.

The Laughs Under Pressure

The clock is ticking and the pressure is on to act fast. If not, the comedians are at risk of passive play.

Go Big Or Go Home

It's time to do some trimming and we're not only talking about facial hair. The winner will be the one who makes the biggest bet… or not.