Chapter 7

A family reunion years in the making comes to pass. With Mariama's help, Assane makes a final play to stop Keller, right his wrongs and go out in style.

Chapter 6

Having identified his opponent, Assane races to protect his family and avoid retaliation. Belkacem remains wary of Guédira; Mariama sends a message.

Chapter 5

Increasingly suspicious, Claire launches an investigation of her own. Guédira gets the surprise — and opportunity — of a literature lover's lifetime.

Chapter 4

Assane meets his mother's captor in the flesh, but there's no sign of her. Tasked with another all-or-nothing heist, he makes a devastating choice.

Chapter 3

As Fleur and Guédira strike a deal, Belkacem visits Benjamin. Assane tries to outmaneuver a new enemy in the shadows while keeping tabs on his family.

Chapter 2

An unfathomable loss rocks France, but Guédira and Raoul grapple with denial. A mysterious classified ad resurrects old ghosts and long-lost hopes.

Chapter 1

To mend matters with Claire and Raoul, Assane devises a plan to get them out of France. But with high stakes come greater risks — and no room for error.

Chapter 10

In a scheme to usurp all schemes, Assane and Benjamin recruit and disguise a clever accomplice in order to bring Hubert to justice.

Chapter 9

Leonard tails Assane to his home. Hubert orchestrates a frame-up. Assane leaves a clue online for Guédira that sheds light on Dumont.

Chapter 8

As he attempts to gain Juliette's trust with a series of capers, Assane devises an elaborate plot that would blindside Hubert.