Todos Somos Cuervos

As the finals arrive, the Cuervos and Nuevo Toledo are on the brink of ruin. Chava and Isabel must pull off their greatest scheme yet to save them.

A Trip to the Moon

After Chava kidnaps a reporter, his family asks him to do the unthinkable. Gaspar calls the authorities on Mary Luz. The Cuervos play in the semifinals.

Two for the Road

Traveling together to the semifinals, Isabel and Rafa are "Two for the Road," reflecting on their first meeting in 2006 and their decade-long marriage.

Something About Mary Luz

Paty and Chava produce a documentary that could change the course of fate for the Cuervos. Mary Luz charms Maldonado to help take down Gaspar.

Concentration Camp

The Cuervos go on a retreat to unplug from social media, but Isabel and Rafa's feud and a confession from Emaíl threaten the team-building dynamic.

Four Minor Miracles

When the Iglesias bank accounts are frozen, the players leverage social media to raise money, but their lack of focus affects a qualifying match.

The Black Plague

Chava urges Isabel to lean in to her "promiscuous" reputation. Emaíl worries he's been found out. The Cuervos get a new coach and face the Tarántulas.

Cyrano de Bergerac

Isabel secretly helps Potro improve his coaching. Fed up with all the bad press about the team, Chava decides they should use it to their advantage.

The Slut of Nuevo Toledo

Mary Luz enters World Cup negotiations. Chava gets creative when the Cuervos are moved to a 7 a.m. time slot. Isabel and Fede's tryst hits the press.

Valle de Silicon

Potro helps Isabel block Fede's romantic advances. Chava launches Cuervos TV. Emaíl's religion causes conflict with Aitor. Gaspar's sabotage continues.