Accounting for Lawyers

When an old friend from Jeff's past appears unexpectedly, his friends discover that he was the one responsible for Jeff's disbarment.

Anthropology 101

When the semester starts, Jeff is stunned that his rejection of Britta has made her a campus star; Chang wants to be accepted into the study group.

Pascal's Triangle Revisited

As the end of the school year finds Jeff at the apex of a romantic triangle, Annie ponders moving away with her hacky sack-playing boyfriend.

English as a Second Language

On the eve of an important final exam in Spanish, everyone's grades are jeopardized when it is discovered that Señor Chang has a damaging secret.

Modern Warfare

The first prize of priority registration engulfs Greendale Community College in a Spring Fling paintball war.

The Art of Discourse

While a tasteless prank ends with Pierce being tossed out of the group, Britta and Jeff are forced to team up against some teen newcomers at school.

Contemporary American Poultry

A scheme to replace a corrupt cafeteria employee transforms the study group into a criminal gang run by a power-hungry Abed.

The Science of Illusion

When her April Fools' Day prank inadvertently sends a human cadaver out the anatomy lab window, Britta looks to place the blame on Jeff.

Beginner Pottery

A pottery class he takes for an easy A reveals Jeff's deep-seated need to succeed.

Basic Genealogy

As Family Day lands Jeff in the middle of an affair with Pierce's sexy ex-stepdaughter, Shirley's unruly sons help liberate Abed's Afghani cousin.