With Cognito under new leadership, Reagan meets with the Robes who want a partnership, but she needs to make a big decision about her future.

Project Reboot

Rand unleashes Project Reboot as the Cognito co-workers learn about their alternate lives — and how a tin foil hat can actually come in handy.


Now that she's sleeping with the Illuminati, Reagan decides it's time for the Cognito Inc. gang to meet Ron and persuade him to jump ship.


Brett's an overnight sensation when he sits in as the host of a right-wing TV show, but quickly becomes a political puppet gleefully controlled by Rand.

We Found Love in a Popeless Place

Reagan has to turn the new, woke pope into a fire-and-brimstone pontiff, so she's off to Italy with a friend — and a little romance on the side.


Tamiko's new beau is a Hollywood A-lister with a taste for blood, but that doesn't stop a jealous Rand from trying to break up the cozy couple.

How Reagan Got Her Grove Back

With Rand back in control of Cognito Inc., Reagan gets revenge — and has a hookup — at a Burning Man-style gathering of secret societies.

Inside Reagan

To find a forgotten password and save Cognito Inc., Reagan goes deep into her mind and accesses memories from her dysfunctional childhood.

Mole Hunt

Exciting changes are afoot at Cognito Inc., but first, Reagan and her team must find the mole behind a security breach that could take down the company.