The Old Man

Volunteering with seniors…Elaine is enthralled by hers, George gets fired and Jerry loses his.

The Outing

Elaine's prank leads a reporter to believe Jerry and George are a gay couple.

The Shoes

There's something about Elaine's shoes that leads to the stalling of George and Jerry's TV pilot, until Elaine gives it a kick.

The Visa

A lawyer George dates could help Jerry's pal, who's facing deportation, thanks, in part, to Kramer's trip to Florida.

The Movie

The difficulties met by four persons trying to meet at one movie.

The Pick

Kramer makes Elaine's Christmas card a collector's item, and settles an argument with a designer; Jerry is caught in a human moment by his new female friend; George pleads to make up with Susan.

The Airport

On a flight to NYC, Jerry has a first-class time, but Elaine suffers in coach. Meanwhile, Kramer and George try to hit the right airport.

The Contest

George's mom lands in the hospital; a contest begins among Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine, involving a naked woman and an attractive man.

The Virgin

Jerry courts a woman with a tame past; George makes a bad move at a meeting; a man disagrees with Elaine.

The Opera

The man who's threatening Jerry is the same Joe who's dating Elaine.