La Paz, Bolivia

Rellenos queen Doña Emi and other cholitas fight to be seen while upholding traditional bites like anise-flavored buñuelos and fiery chola sandwiches.

Lima, Peru

Joyfully diverse yet singular in flavor, Lima's food culture lives for honeyed picarones, savory anticuchos and one chef's Nikkei-inspired ceviche.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Toasted tlayudas and vinegary piedrazos embody the rich biodiversity and profound flavors of Oaxaca. Meet Doña Vale, who makes peerless memelas.

Salvador, Brazil

Hearty feijoada. Spicy moqueca. Beachside pirão. Bahia's food is awash with both African and Portuguese influences — and lots and lots of dendê oil.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentines are passionate about street food, be it choripáns or fugazzeta, but Pato Rodriguez's cheesy tortilla has even acclaimed chefs raving.